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Tis The Season

Watching movies with my mother-in-law. Oma. She’s a great lady and I would have put on Fried Green Tomatoes for her if she wasn’t so into Proof of Life. Not traveling home to the Maritimes this year. Sad in some ways, happy in other ways. The lack of travel. No travel. Not going anywhere. Want to see us, bring it. We’ll be right here. Hunkered down watching Alpha Dog or something with guns in it. We won’t be in the departure lounge trying to corral our track star dressed as a two-year-old.

Nice to have Oma here. Place is cleaner than it gets when we try to clean it. No matter how clean we try to make the house, it’s impossible to make it as clean as a visiting grandmother can make it. Techniques and determination I have no idea about.

Almost time to decorate! Did that sound sincere? No, really, it’ll be nice.

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