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Tis The Season

Tis the season when we don’t even have time to say “it is” the season. We got shit to buy. The stress of the holidays and more specifically Christ-mass is often overwhelming. A big contributor to that is the travel. Packing up a small family with a two-year-old is akin to a touring rock show. That’s why we’re staying home this year. Sure we’ll miss our families but I won’t miss the airport or mom’s hide-a-bed. I think it comes from Guantanamo Bay’s “Holiday Torture” collection. Going to miss her cooking though (even though my wife’s is awesome – hold on, what kind of a pussy-ass blog is this anyway? is this even a blog at this point? you’re bitching about travel during the holidays? Really, wow, way to blaze some ground killer.) Mom can really cook. I feel bad for families that can’t cook. Ever walk into someone’s house and it’s not even definite what’s been going on? Did someone’s hair catch on fire? Noooooooo, we can’t stay. (Really? Shitty food riff? Ok, then I’m outta here)

I think i’m going to cook a goose.

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