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True Detective Instant Classic


Put it on the wall.  Throw it up on the scoreboard.  One of the greatest turns in television history.  Of course it’s not really “television” anymore but that aside, it was truly amazing and beyond anyone’s expectation.  And so comes the flip side of the coin.  That now so many millions of us have devoured it and redevoured it.  (One of the side effects is watching the same ep multiple times –  but not sure about when binging)  Everyone who didn’t watch right away has heard so much that it’s impossible to go into it without prejudice and preconceived ideas.   Opinions and predictions that the people who just watched it because, in my case, I saw a few promos of Matthew tearing beer cans with a jackknife and thought “i’m in”, didn’t have.  That sentence is analogist to the show a little bit.  Kind of clunky feeling and unsure of your footing.

Notice how “spoilers” haven’t been much of an issue with TD?  That’s because no one can be absolutely sure about what they’ve seen.  It’s so complex that no one wants to come off like the dumb ass and blurt out something that doesn’t track.  It’s heavy shit and it’s hard to take at times.  Like any good medicine.

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