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American Portions

American Portions (CD)

$15.00 CAD

After 30 years as one of Canada’s most respected stand-ups,
Tim Steeves finally got off his duff to release his first comedy album…

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Tim Steeves

Photo by Jon Sturge

A full three decades into his stand-up career, Tim Steeves is — at long last — releasing his debut album, American Portions. Although in his defense, he’s been a pretty busy guy. As Canada’s cultural statesman of comedy, Tim has spent the past 20 years as a senior writer for the iconic Rick Mercer Report and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

And two decades of penning award-winning satire have only sharpened Tim’s bite. He describes American Portions as “A mix of personal stuff and observations on the current state of things.” No subject is off limits, including sex, drugs, marriage, aging, Canadian culture, and yes, the dreaded N-word.

Even the title delivers a pointed jab. “America’s gluttony has always been a ripe topic for Canadian comics,” Tim notes. “So on this album I get to shit on America with vigor. They just happen to be particularly circus-like right now.”