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Had a little going away party for my buddy in the backyard. It was well-attended by a wide range of sexy people and comics. Made a lot of ribs. I think some guests might have been shit-canned because the amount of booze consumed versus number of bodies ratio wasn’t working out. I like a crowd that can hold their liquor though and only a couple of wipe outs through the back door to the patio. …

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Gotta Buy Some Pussy Riot

The feminist punk band Pussy Riot was found guilty of “hooliganism” after protesting in a church. That’s pretty strong. That’s a punk band. Put that on the scoreboard. That might actually cause some controversy and discussion. Further protest even. They look like the type that would let you slide on your movie rental late charges. Like that exists anymore. If anyone wants to make a film about some bad asses that go …

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Hitting it good

When I get in my car and the emergency brake is pulled straight north there’s a good chance I was pretty pissed off when I parked. That’s how I take out the trash, I pull the brake on really hard. I mean really pull the brake on. That will show them/him/her/it. Back from Just For Laughs and a couple of weeks in the Maritimes. Not really the same. JFL and a couple of weeks …

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