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True Detective Instant Classic

  Put it on the wall.  Throw it up on the scoreboard.  One of the greatest turns in television history.  Of course it’s not really “television” anymore but that aside, it was truly amazing and beyond anyone’s expectation.  And so comes the flip side of the coin.  That now so many millions of us have devoured it and redevoured it.  (One of the side effects is watching the same ep multiple times –  but not sure about when binging)  Everyone who …

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Ah, the Maritimes at Christmas is something special.  The family, the food, the drinks, the food, the fresh air, the food.  Will definitely play some poker out in Waterford.  One of the great home games on the east coast, it features various degenerates, felons and salt of the earth visiting comics.  I think I’m going to raise out of spite a lot this holiday season.  Raising out of spite is chapter 8 in my book of bad poker moves. Besides that, …

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There were about 20 people in the crowd last night.  They were nice folks and we got through it together.  Like an arrangement.  A marriage of convenience.  They had somehow found themselves in a comedy club on a Wednesday night and I somehow found myself playing that very same club.  It was evident early on that neither of us was going to turn their back on the arrangement.  We were in it for the long haul.  It takes two to …

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“This is the business we’ve chosen.” Is some awesome line from some awesome movie that everyone got rich and famous from. You can’t live in results.  You have to concentrate on process.  Do your thing, whatever it is and good things will come.  This is the type stuff I told the radio students I was asked to speak to the other day.  If only I could live my own advice.  Hard not to chase the carrot.  Anyway, what happens is, you don’t …

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Despite naming my last couple of posts the same thing – it’s been an awesome Christmas season.  Didn’t travel this year.  You can’t really put a price on not traveling.  It’s invaluable.  Priceless.  I’m actually feeling good.  The stress reduction is hard to quantify.  Missing family for sure.  Would have loved to see everyone but glad I didn’t see a lot of people too.  Like bitter Airline employee not being helpful.  Like idiot security dork who wants me to turn …

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Tis The Season

Tis the season when we don’t even have time to say “it is” the season. We got shit to buy. The stress of the holidays and more specifically Christ-mass is often overwhelming. A big contributor to that is the travel. Packing up a small family with a two-year-old is akin to a touring rock show. That’s why we’re staying home this year. Sure we’ll miss our families but I won’t miss the airport or …

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Tis The Season

Watching movies with my mother-in-law. Oma. She’s a great lady and I would have put on Fried Green Tomatoes for her if she wasn’t so into Proof of Life. Not traveling home to the Maritimes this year. Sad in some ways, happy in other ways. The lack of travel. No travel. Not going anywhere. Want to see us, bring it. We’ll be right here. Hunkered down watching Alpha Dog or …

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The refs in the NFL are back to work tonight. How great would it be to be having a dispute with your boss and someone tries to replace you and completely sucks at your job? That is the best labor problem settler ever. These guys should hire themselves out. ‘Having problems at work getting a new deal? Hire us to illustrate how awesome you are at it! Seriously, we’ll really blow it up …

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Had a little going away party for my buddy in the backyard. It was well-attended by a wide range of sexy people and comics. Made a lot of ribs. I think some guests might have been shit-canned because the amount of booze consumed versus number of bodies ratio wasn’t working out. I like a crowd that can hold their liquor though and only a couple of wipe outs through the back door to the patio. …

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